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House 348 volunteer and fundraising opportunity

Through United Relief Foundation’s “Caring through Sharing” initiative 8 volunteer slots have been opened to Vet Net: 4 volunteers on Saturday, September 24th 11 am to 3 pm and 4 Sunday, September 25th 11 am to 3 pm. Volunteers will be painting interior rooms of Project Restoring Hope house 348.  Vet Net volunteers hours will equate to a donation made to the Vet Net. | Email for details or your interest


Harry Volkman & Ben Hollis help to make Vet Net Inaugural Gala a success!

Beloved Chicago weatherman for many years, Harry Volkman is also a veteran, serving in Germany in WWII.  Joined with  Ben “Wild Chicago” Hollis on stage at our first fundraiser at  Weiss Memorial Hospital which include a buffet supper and find out “What’s It Like to Be You?”  Harry Volkman!

Harry Volkman

Ben Hollis

Emmy Award Winner Ben Hollis of “Wild Chicago” joined with Harry Volkman to help raise money for Vet Net, which will fund our veterans outreach programs. These programs include peer support groups for veterans and their families; site visits to senior housing and nursing homes; benefits check-ups; classes for veterans and families; “Adopt a Vet”; and the ombudsman program.